Friday, March 27, 2009

Open talk - Galz Mind !

while start writing now...wat shud i writ somthing political,regional,journals,religional,
ppl,.................Oops! d list goes up2 infinity..B ing a gal(plz believ that) i thght it'll b ease 4 me 2 writ wat a gal thinks actually(?)
lik al human(men) galz mind s also a garbage(includin me) if a gal says no (lie !)
v(human) r not true 2 none,somtimes not 2 ourselves 2.
Social pics. shows that guys r wanderin around galz
but its not true but galz made it so.
Ppl say Behind everymen's victory stands a women
shameful! Women runs behind every sucessful men.

y i am writin dis shameless u may tink ..but ther r som exceptions 2.
som galz even goes 2 d exterior level 4 d sake of men.
society s d real cause! thre r so many kinds.......plz i wanna know wat s real !

Lakshmi Lakshmanan (angelsfirstrain)
A lonely gal in d city


  1. Galz mind is not as easy as delving into the Pacific deep. What do u think?

    Menz are confused (or made into!) and frustrated for not grasping the girl's mind! So the saga continues ever,