Friday, March 27, 2009

Open talk - Galz Mind !

while start writing now...wat shud i writ somthing political,regional,journals,religional,
ppl,.................Oops! d list goes up2 infinity..B ing a gal(plz believ that) i thght it'll b ease 4 me 2 writ wat a gal thinks actually(?)
lik al human(men) galz mind s also a garbage(includin me) if a gal says no (lie !)
v(human) r not true 2 none,somtimes not 2 ourselves 2.
Social pics. shows that guys r wanderin around galz
but its not true but galz made it so.
Ppl say Behind everymen's victory stands a women
shameful! Women runs behind every sucessful men.

y i am writin dis shameless u may tink ..but ther r som exceptions 2.
som galz even goes 2 d exterior level 4 d sake of men.
society s d real cause! thre r so many kinds.......plz i wanna know wat s real !

Lakshmi Lakshmanan (angelsfirstrain)
A lonely gal in d city

Friday, March 13, 2009

First Day in Chennai...

My First day in chennai.....25 th May 2008

i didnt sing "Pudhiyavaanam Song...."(but i my heart) my enthu level raisd first time in a city wat i had ceen 1ly in cinema's.while i startd in my home towm i dreamt a lot i tink diff ppl,diff place,...........hurray ! my mind jumpd i felt lik a bird raising up 2 a new lif 4m its nest.i thght i enjoy each n every moment of my life .SETC bus took me 2 my dream land.Bus drivers of these buses shud b awarded as they driv thru all kinds of roads,eventhough i had a little bit of fear i say 2 myself B Bold,B Bold....thankgod ...communication developed now days each 1 hr my mom calld me (mom s real God) she was repeatin take care...B safe(i dont know wat shud i say..)simply i said i'll tak care.the movie they played in bus passd my time.I felt worstness of travelling alone.Actually it'll take 12hrs 2 reach chennai but my bus driver made it 16hrs at som time my backpain begins i cant sit/lie down i tink semi sleeper arrangement killd me lik nothing..Oops! noone s ther 2 help me i saw ppl sleepin harmlessly...d whole night i didnt sleep y i dono y so many thinking....CMBT Bus Stop i saw ppl movin,no runnin i wonderd y ppl r urging in sunday also.

The real prblm starts i getdownd at som other place(in CMBT 1ly) i was searchin 4 my uncle where is he?...frustated he didnt bring his cell phon 2 waitd in d platform 4 mins. finally he found me. he told me we can go by share auto i heard but saw at firsttime .auto driver wnts me 2 get in but i was c ing here n ther where shud i sit it has 2 floors(?)completly filled i refusd (i tink he wants me 2 sit in somones laps..shit!) v left 2 autos finally v hired auto.Finally i went hom n took rest..y dis ppl r lik dis my moms advice how true her words(i luv u ma). i dono how i am goin 2 tolerate dis ppl...
i thght "The bird must go back 2 its nest".
A lonely gal in d city

Thursday, March 12, 2009


As i told u earlier my childhud,college were spent in that God gifted village.Its a bad time (2006) as i felt wen we(family) left that village & entered in a small town......2 me i miss som frndz tats al the same farms, was goin on its path.A drastic change(nothing but my job ) that pulled me 4m tat i am in tis CHENNAI(2008/09) .Wel i'll say how i felt wen i faced views may b diffr 4m others 2 me its difficult 2 survive i tink so... no,no..chennaities made me 2 tink....