Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hw do i get HIM..(my him)

Hw do i get HIM..(my him).........lemme tel u who i am first a gal born with plastic spoon(tat means in upper middle class family). 4m the schoolin i hate studies :P but love literature & geography.first evr autograph started wen i was in Xth(its not my autogph tat boys) he was stayin just opposite to mine and had a serious job of following mee.I don lik him he was lik a don/rowdy in our place(10th class mre attemps i thik so and smtimes he drives van, smtimes he goes to estate, perhaps smtimes sm panchayat wrks also).he gav me a hundred f ooty roses thru a messengr,evn thou i didnt lik him i dono y. he job f following me continued up2 12 th class. i tght i shd talk wit him and also arranged for a perfect(:P) meetin in a hotel. we met me wit my frnd & he wit his frnd, i said am nt interestd in him, he said he was following me 4m 6th class(?), he even remembered wat dress i wre for my 6th bday.i got worried y he shud waste his time i finally confessed him....
Lakshmi Lakshmanan (angelsfirstrain) A lonely gal in d city

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