Monday, January 10, 2011

A stupid gal's thght..

Im jealous of every girl who has ever
hugged you, because for that one moment
they held my entire world
tears are like kisses,
the only real ones are the ones you
cant hold back never make someone your
everything, because when they are gone
you have nothing. You will never know
true pain until you look into the eyes
of someone you love, and they look away
The scars are nothing compared to the
pain that put them there goodbye is only
painful when you know you can never
say hello again How can you learn from
your mistakes when mistakes are all
you've ever made What's the point in
living when the ones you love the
most refuse to love you break your heart
and tell you lies, because eventually
every heart dies

Lakshmi Lakshmanan
A lonely gal in d city

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